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Download Hello Kitty Kawaii Town

Hello Kitty Kawaii Town

Let's grow macaron trees and doughnut trees and get limited time only item!

Support OS: Android | iPhone | iPad

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Hello Kitty Kawaii Town 1.5.1

Requirements:Android 1.6 or higher

Hello Kitty Kawaii Town 1.5.0

Requirements:iOS 2.0 or higher


☆ Colorful Bunny Fair Now Underway! ☆
Let's grow macaron trees and doughnut trees and get limited time only item! (Until late May)
:;;;:*゜。+☆+。゜+:;;;:*:;;;:*゜。+☆+。゜+*:;;;:* ☆

☆+ Let’s produce a town with Hello Kitty +☆

Even prettier with very cute Kawaii BOX☆
Let’s start a fancy shop,
fill your garden with lovely flowers,
and produce your own ‘Kawaii Town’♪

The prettier the town becomes,
the more Sanrio characters will come to play?!
There will be more and more fun functions,
so try it out♪

<<How to Enjoy Producing>>

◎Tap the flower bed and garden!◎
Plants become harvestable as time passes.
Tap them and get coins♪

◎Build a shop and have customers visit◎
Toy Shop, Pudding Shop etc.
Create a very cute shop
and have Sanrio characters as customers☆

◎Let’s use Decoration Items and dress up the town!◎
Put together Kitty’s parts and...
Check out very, very large Kitty’s flower carpet♪
There are 6 parts, so put them together nicely and make a cute carpet☆
Look forward to other cute items as well☆彡

◎Let’s talk to Sanrio characters!◎
Make the town cuter and decorate it with special items
to get different messages from characters.
It’s always exciting to receive messages from unique characters☆

◎Show off your town to your friends with photo shooting function◎
You can take photos of your Kawaii Town and
post it on Twitter and Facebook for your friends to see!
Introduce your Kawaii Town to your friends♪

◎Cooperate with friends using the magic watering pot!◎
Water the flower beds in your friends’ town and
deliver a wonderful “Magic Watering pot” to your friends☆
This Magic Watering pot will make the crops grow faster.

Have your friends water your flower bed
and collect Magic Watering pot!

- iPhone 3GS
- iPhone 4
- iPhone 4S
- iPhone 5
- 3G iPod touch (32GB, 64GB)
- 4G iPod touch/iPad/iPad2/iPadmini

- iOS4.3 and later



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